Genome-wide miRNAs expression profiles of Schistosoma japonicum schistosomula in response to artesunate


Aim: miRNAs play a significant role in pharmacogenomics and are likely to be important in the molecular mechanism of atesunate (ART) effects on Schistosoma japonicum. Methods: We sequenced the RNAs using an Illumina (Solexa) DNA sequencer and compared the relative expression levels of the miRNAs in 10-day-old schistosomula from ART and the parallel control group. Results: We characterized 95 known miRNAs from S. japonicum schistosomula individuals, including 38 novel miRNA families. Among the detectable 134 miRNAs differentially expressed (>2.0-fold change, p < 0.01) after ART treatment in schistosomula, a total of seven known or novel 3p- or 5p- derived S. japonicum miRNAs were characterized.

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