From drug developer to antibiotic hunter – an interview with Mark Blaskovich

We at Infectious Diseases Hub recently spoke to Mark Blaskovich from The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) about his role as Principal Investigator and Program Coordinator for the Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery (CO-ADD). Blaskovich explains the importance of this collaborative program in screening compounds, which may otherwise have been overlooked, for antibiotic activity and also shares his thoughts on the most promising strategies for tackling antimicrobial resistance moving forwards.
Mark has extensive medicinal chemistry expertise and over 15 years of industrial drug-development experience, most recently as Chief Operating Officer of Mimetica (Brisbane, Australia). Since starting at The University of Queensland he has been working on developing new antibiotics to treat drug-resistant pathogens, investigating the use of modified antibiotics to rapidly diagnose or image bacterial infections, and creating a suite of fluorescent probes derived from all major classes of antibiotics. You can read more about his work in our interview below.
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