Identification of nonserotypeable Shigella spp. using genome sequencing: a step forward


Aim: Sequencing technology has replaced conventional methods in identifying and characterizing bacterial pathogens. We characterized 23 nonserotypeable Shigella that biochemically resembled Shigella spp. using whole genome sequencing. Materials & methods: Genome sequences were analyzed using online tools based on 16S rRNA, k-mer, gyrB sequences and analysis of O-antigen arrangement was done using PATRIC database for species identification. Sequence types, plasmid types, antimicrobial resistance and virulence genes were also investigated. Results: The SpeciesFinder using 16S rRNA sequences identified only 74% of the isolates, whereas KmerFinder and gyrB sequence analysis identified 100% of the isolates to its species level. Antimicrobial resistance, virulence and plasmid incompatibility groups were identified in all the isolates. Sequence types were determined.

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