Expert Panellist: Stefano Rusconi


Associate Professor in Infectious Diseases, University of Milan, Italy

Dr Stefano Rusconi is an Associate Professor in infectious diseases at the University of Milan, Italy, which he joined in February 1, 2015. After his M.D. in 1988, he got post-graduate specialties in allergy & clinical immunology and infectious diseases. He has been on staff at Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan since 1994 and leads a research group engaged in both basic and clinical research in HIV. His research interests are: (i) experimental models of antiretroviral therapy and viral mutants in vitro; (ii) genotypic and phenotypic analysis of resistance to antiretroviral drugs; (iii) design and conduct of clinical trials with antiretroviral drugs. He holds post-graduate certifications in design and conduct of clinical trials and in advanced bioethics and has been the scientific secretary at Luigi Sacco IRB (now Milan Area A Inter-hospital IRB) in Milan from July 1999–January 2017. He was also elected as EACS regional representative in 2012–2016.

Other information:

During Academic Years 2010/11–present: teaching Infectious Diseases to Medical School students; 2012/13–present: teaching Infectious Diseases to Prevention Health Sciences students, both at Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy. Since 2012: member of HIV/AIDS ITALIAN EXPERT PANEL for Italian Guidelines.

Referee: HIVERA for European Research Projects on HIV/AIDS, International AIDS Conference, World AIDS Conference, AIDS, JAIDS, JAC, JID, CID, PLoS One, Antiviral Therapy. Authored/co-authored 162 original peer-reviewed publications. H-index: 21.

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