Expert Panellist: Pierre Roques


Senior Scientist in Service d’Immuno-Virologie, CEA, Fontenay aux Roses, France.

Pierre was graduated in Biochemistry from the University of Tours in France in 1984. He then obtained his PhD for “Biological application of Alpha-acetylenic Ester” in University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris in 1989. In the laboratory of Pr F Gros in College de France, he synthesized potential anti-retroviral drugs that he tested on HIV during is military period within the former Prof. D Dormont’s lab. Hired in CEA in 1989 in the group of D. Dormont, he focused on diagnosis of mother to infant transmission of HIV, and their associated risk factors in French, African cohorts as well as the HIV viral diversity in collaboration with the 2008 Nobel Laureate Barré-Sinoussi’s Pasteur Group. Following the characterization of rare genotypes of HIV, we were the first to assess the chimpanzee origin of Group-N HIVs.

Pierre went to Gabon in 2000 to drive the Retrovirology unit of the Franceville International Research Center. Thanks to the P3/P4 facilities and French ANRS or European Union funds, we studied epidemiology of retrovirus- and hepatitis viruses in human and in non-human primate. In this institute Pierre started to study pathogenic and non-pathogenic HIV/SIV infection in non human primate (Asian macaque and African monkeys like Mandrills) in collaboration with Dr Roger Le Grand in CEA and Dr M Muller Trutwin from the Barré-Sinoussi Group.

Back in France since 2005, he focused on chronic viral infection in the non-human primate models of AIDS. In 2006, Pierre developed chikungunya disease models in macaque and, with Australian groups, in mice (A Surhbier in QIMR, S Mahalingam from the Grifith University). We’re the first to assess the chikungunya virus persistence during chronic phase and the role of macrophage. Pierre was leader of the animal model system workpackage of the European project ICRES “Integrated Chikungunya Research”. The research interest of our group focuses on physiopathology and the usage of these models we share with Lisa FP Ng (Singapore A*STAR) to understand the immune response of arthritogenic viruses that are epidemic or highly endemic in the tropical regions and to evaluate treatment and vaccine with Pr P Liljenstrom (Karolinska Institute, Sweden). Today Pierre is focusing on pathology of alphavirus diseases in mice model with V Choumet in Pasteur Institute and is recently involved in the EU effort against Zika virus within two EU consortium (Zikalliance and Zikavax).

Pierre is an Academic Editor for PLos ONE (since 2013) and Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine (April 2016).

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