Panellist Picks 2017 – the favorite papers of our Expert panel

2017 has seen many research highlights and this year, we gave our Expert Panel the difficult challenge of picking their favorites and explaining why! Find out more about topics from improving drug regimens for HIV to CRISPR-based technologies with their choices below.
Stefano Rusconi

Is there a rationale for a 4-drug based antiretroviral therapy?

Since 1996 – the birthdate of modern HAART – there has been a strong commitment to reach both therapeutic efficacy and avoidance of drug resistance in case of virologic failure. The paradigm that was set back then was to treat HIV with a triple-drug combination. Nowadays, there are several examples when this paradigm has been surpassed, both with a two-drug regimen or a four-drug regimen. During 2017, two articles must be mentioned. The first one deals with a four-drug regimen during the hyper-acute phase of HIV infection, which eventually led to an analytical treatment interruption [1], whereas the second one describes the efficacy of a four-drug regimen for HIV-infected subjects with a baseline HIV-RNA ≥500,000 copies/mL [2]. Both papers are not concluding the debate but surely shed more light on this matter.

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