More on the measles vaccine and Zika – the week in infectious diseases

In this podcast we round up the top news stories of the week, including an in-depth look at the measles vaccine and sexual transmission in Zika. In addition we give you a quick-fire update of the latest headlines, you can find out more about thestories in our full news pieces below, or listen to the podcast for an overview.


00.25 – Does the measles vaccine protect against more than just measles?

New research shows that all-cause mortality is lower in children whose most recent immunization was the measles vaccine.

04.00 – Quick-fire headlines

05.20 – Could ebselen prevent sexual transmission of the Zika virus?

A new study has revealed that a promising antioxidant drug could prevent sexual transmission of the Zika virus, offering a potential role for the drug in preventing spread among humans.


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