Podcast: Tuberculosis and diagnosis – the week in infectious diseases

In this podcast we round up the top news stories of the week, including novel CRISPR-based diagnostics and the findings from a large Phase II clinical trial in tuberculosis vaccines. In addition, we give you a quick-fire update of the latest headlines, from FDA approvals to the latest flu news.

You can find out more about the stories in our full news pieces below, or listen to the podcast for an overview.

BCG revaccination and subunit vaccine offer hope in Phase II tuberculosis trial

A Phase II trial has suggested potential for new Bacille Calmette–Guerin revaccination strategies in addition to hope for subunit vaccines against tuberculosis.

New CRISPR technology could detect infections

The gene-editing technique CRISPR could be used to detect infections, potentially revolutionizing the detection of viruses such as HPV and Zika, according to two papers recently published in Science.

Could serum IgA responses from gut microbes protect against sepsis?

A new study has revealed that serum IgA antibodies deliver a protective barrier against polymicrobial sepsis in mice, providing us with a further understanding of its role in host protection.


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