ECCMID18: QIAGEN announces European launch of platform for syndromic insights, QIAstat-Dx®

QIAGEN (Hilden, Germany) have announced the European launch of QIAstat-Dx®, a next-generation platform for syndromic insights. The demand for syndromic testing with molecular diagnostics is growing rapidly and QIAstat-Dx provides a one-step, integrated molecular analysis of common syndromes in infections, oncology and other areas.

The launch closely follows the acquisition of Stat-Dx, which QIAGEN announced in January 2018; a month where the system, based on the proprietary DiagCORE® technology, also received CE-IVD marking. QIAstat-Dx is now being launched with an upgraded CE-IVD-marked respiratory panel that detects 21 pathogens – just the first step in a broad pipeline aiming to produce multiple assays across infectious diseases, oncology and companion diagnostics.

Commenting on the importance of this new technology, Thierry Bernard, Senior Vice President Molecular Diagnostics stated: “QIAstat-Dx is really bringing the next generation of syndromic insights because it combines ease-of-use, tremendous flexibility and incredible versatility.”

QIAGEN will host an educational event on Monday, April 23 at the 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID; 21–24 April, Madrid, Spain). In addition, throughout the conference early adopters will report on their experiences using the system, which was first unveiled at ECCMID 2017, in a series of posters.

Results from these posters include the successful detection of clinically prevalent and relevant respiratory pathogens using the DiagCORE Respiratory Panel and the success of the DiagCORE Gastrointestinal Panel in achieving a “high level of sensitivity” and “excellent reliability without the need for sample preparation steps.”

Peer M. Schatz, Chief Executive Officer of QIAGEN, concluded: “We are pleased to launch QIAstat-Dx and are excited about its features and capabilities which position it as the next generation of innovation for multiplex syndromic testing.”

“We are today launching in Europe and expect to have launched QIAstat-Dx system in most countries worldwide by the first half of 2019, including in the United States, and subject to regulatory clearances. A very promising pipeline of future applications and assays will add exciting value to our customers, including capabilities and assays in companion diagnostics and oncology, as well as in quantitative analysis and immunoassay testing.”

Source: QIAGEN press release

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