A peek behind the paper – better than a pound of cure; steps to prevent multidrug resistant tuberculosis in adults and children

Take a look behind the science of a recent Future Microbiology article, entitled ‘Better than a pound of cure: preventing the development of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis’ as we ask the authors about the challenges currently facing multidrug resistant (MDR) tuberculosis and what the future might hold.

What inspired you to write this perspective?

I am constantly inspired by the tremendous courage and determination of tuberculosis patients that I have met from so many different countries and cultural backgrounds. They each have a unique story and have fought their own individual battles. However, there are many familiar and recurring themes. Often, they describe a delay in the diagnosis and/or initiation of tuberculosis treatment. In many cases, they have experienced debilitating side effects or other challenges of treatment and it is not uncommon to hear that they have been left economically, emotionally or physically worse off because of their tuberculosis disease.

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