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  1. ‘Group B streptococcal (GBS) infections resistant to vancomycin? A new threat’ by P Patel, S Sindhu, D Kannangara and D Pandya from St. Lukes University Health Networks (NJ, USA). This poster presents a case report, one of the first of its kind, where vancomycin failed to treat a group B streptococcus infection in a 47-year-old male. So far there has only been two reported cases of vancomycin resistant GBS in the states. The authors hypothesized that the resistance may have stemmed from previous exposure.
  2. ‘Targeted inhibition of the herpesvirus fusion using small molecules’ by first author S Gallagher and lead author S A Connolly from the DePaul University (IL, USA). The authors developed a panel of small molecules that target the coil-arm region of the HSV glycoprotein B (a conserved fusion protein across all herpes viruses). The compounds were not cytotoxic and inhibited viral entry when added at a step after virus binding.

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Picture of the Day

The ASM Art walk showcases some of the best agar art form the previous year.

Today at our booth

The second day was just as busy, with a fresh set of posters  and more delegates discovering our booth! We also attended some great talks, which you can discover more on in our video highlights.

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