Early Career Panellist: Lucy Furfaro


PhD Student, University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

Lucy Furfaro is a PhD candidate at the University of Western Australia in the field of perinatal microbiology. Her research has focussed on antenatal Group B Streptococcus epidemiology and molecular characterisation to understand how to improve management and distribution of antibiotics to this vulnerable population, in addition to exploring targeted alternative therapeutic options such as phage therapy. Lucy is very enthusiastic about microbiology, in particular phage biology and clinical translation of research to provide better treatment outcomes for the public and as such is involved in a range of outreach initiatives and science communication efforts (@lucyleef). Her research ambitions include pursuing phage therapy in Australia as an approach to overcome escalating multi-drug resistance in bacterial pathogens. More about Lucy’s work can be found on research gate or ORCID.

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Think broad, act narrow: bacteriophage therapy, a targeted solution to GBS?

Widespread use of antibiotics in pregnancy to eradicate Group B Streptococcus has reduced disease in babies, however, could bacteriophage therapy yield the same results but in a more selective manner?

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