How could 3D printing help combat antibiotic resistance?

This week has seen two stories on 3D printing, and how new, 3D printed innovations could be used to help in antimicrobial resistance research.

3D printing to be utilized in the fight against antimicrobial resistance

The first story concerns the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (GA, USA) are to deploy new HP D300e Digital Dispenser BioPrinters to four regional laboratories in the Antibiotic Resistance Lab Network to enable rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing for health departments and hospitals nationwide, for the first time. The four US laboratories set to benefit from the new technology are in New York, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

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3D printed box aids discovery of antibiotics

In the second story, researchers at McMaster University (ON, Canada) have designed and developed a small, black, 3D printed box that’s capable of analyzing more than 6000 samples of bacteria at a time, a feature that could help in discovering new antibiotics.

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