Conference Report – 6th Annual “C. Difficile Foundation and Health Expo”

Conference Report – 6th Annual “C. Difficile Foundation and Health Expo”, November 8–9 2018, Philadelphia (PA, USA).

An emerging patient advocacy group, the CDiff Foundation held its 6th annual educational meeting in Philadelphia. The agenda for this gathering encompassed basic and clinical science and patient testimonials. This year saw over 230 attendees with physicians, pharmacists, nurses, patients and care providers.  The meeting was co-chaired by Professors Mark Wilcox and Dale Gerding.

Speakers came from clinical medicine, pharmaceutical industry and ancillary groups. The agenda covered a wide range of topics including new C. difficile IDSA/SHEA clinical guidelines, antibiotic development, environmental perspectives, new therapeutic presentations covering novel antibiotics, fecal transplant methods, probiotic therapies and description of new clinical syndromes associated with C. difficile infection. In addition to the presentations there were >12 sponsors presenting a wide range of information of various topics and products.  Several patients gave very personal perspectives of their experiences with C. difficile. They recounted the severe and recurrent nature of the illness and explained the significant impact of their illness on their families.

The CDiff Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created to promote a better understanding of the diseases via its website and webcasts.

The website covers a wide range of topics including on-going clinical trials, links to related Societies, home care and antimicrobial resistance.

The 2019 meeting will be held in St Louis, Missouri (MO, USA) November 6-7th.

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