ECCMID 2019: Day 4 update


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Pick of the Posters

1. Quantifying the drivers of antimicrobial resistance in a large hospital group: a metapopulation study, by Shapiro JT, which collected diagnostic antibiograms from 23,199 ward admission across 523 wards from four hospitals in Lyon France. The team measured infection prevalence and responses to antibiotic consumption, ward connectivity and ward size, concluding the prevalence of multidrug-resistant infections in hospitals responds as much to inter-ward connectivity as to antibiotic consumption.

2. Cranial surgical site infections with Cutubacterium acnes, by Prozan L from Tel viv Sourasky Medical Center, carried out a single-center, retrospective, unmatched case-control study to compare the clinical features and outcomes of post-neurosurgery surgical site infections with C. acnes versus aerobic pathogens. The authors concluded that C. acnes surgical site infections after neurosurgery are associated with significant morbidity and neurological sequale, compared with highly pathogenic aerobic bacteria, and that C. acnes should be suspected when infection occurs late (>14 days) after surgery.

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