Who should take the lead in prescribing PrEP?


New research from the University at Buffalo (NY, USA) has suggested that healthcare professionals are split when it comes to opinions on which provider should take the lead in prescribing pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

Currently, there is a lack of unanimity in guidelines for the identification of the ideal provider type to prescribe PrEP. The debate over who is best-placed to describe PrEP suggests that while HIV specialists are most willing and able, they typically don’t see HIV-uninfected patients – the primary demographic for PrEP. On the other hand, primary care physicians are most likely to see eligible PrEP patients, however, they may lack the training and skills necessary to prescribe it.

The researchers interviewed PrEP-prescribing providers and conducted a qualitative analysis on their perspectives. The team also surveyed pharmacy students on their knowledge of and views towards the prophylactic medicine.

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