ASM Microbe 2019 – what talks should you look out for?


ASM Microbe (20–24 June 2019, San Francisco, CA, USA) is approaching and once again the program has plenty of fantastic talks, workshops and posters to attend, so which should you go to?

To help you discover some of the biggest talks and some hidden gems we’ve looked through the ASM Microbe 2019 program, picking the most exciting abstracts and the sessions that caught our eye.

What should I look out for at ASM Microbe 2019?

Here’s our top pick of the oral sessions from across the 4 days, ranging from new antibiotics in the clinical pipeline to precision editing the microbiome.

Organoids (S043, Friday 21, 12:00 – 12:45)

Traditional laboratory media approaches have led to many important discoveries, but with more representative models, could we learn more about pathogen lifecycles and how to interrupt them? This session will explore advances in the field of novel culture conditions and reproducing human microenvironments, including a presentation from Christina Faherty (Massachusetts General Hospital, MA, USA).

Discover more from the Faherty lab in our interview looking at novel models for enteric infection >

Sepsis and the Gut Microbiome (S094, Friday 21, 1:30 – 4:00)

Sepsis is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, with delays in diagnosis and treatment significantly increasing the risks. Research has recently implied the microbiome might have a role in mediating sepsis and this session will review the evidence for this hypothesis and provide insights into how therapeutic manipulation of the microbiome could help to treat sepsis.

Infections of the Opioid Epidemic (S085, Friday 21, 1:30 – 4:00)

With the ongoing opioid epidemic hitting the headlines this session hopes to discuss the relationship between infectious diseases and intravenous drug abuse, including the changing epidemiology of infectious diseases during the opiod epidemic and the stigma surrounding this hard-to-reach patient population.

Precision Editing of the Microbiome to Alter Health and Disease (S221, Saturday 22, 1:30 – 4:00)

Could recent advances in precision-editing tools, such as engineered bacteriophages, small molecules and bacterial secretion systems have biomedical applications in altering the microbiome? And could this in-turn impact clinical outcomes? This session brings together experts looking beyond the microbial composition towards manipulating our microbiota, and whether this could bring health impacts.

The Social Lives of Viruses (S285, Sunday 23, 8:00 – 10:30)

Virus–virus interactions can profoundly influence the transmission and pathogenesis of viral diseases. Moreover, social evolution – how viruses evolve when their traits impact other viruses – could provide a framework for the study of these virus–virus interactions. This session will delve into the many approaches being taken to grow the field of sociovirology including, viral evolution, host immunology, molecular biology and mathematical theory.

Pipeline Drugs to Treat Gram-negative Infections (S339, Sunday 23, 1L30 – 4:00)

This session will describe some of the antibacterial agents currently in late-stage development for the treatment of Gram-negative infections, including cefepime–zidebactam and the novel β-lactamase inhibitor, ETX2514.

Plan your time as ASM Microbe wisely, take a look at the ASM Microbe program here.

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If you’ll be attending ASM Microbe remember you can find Infectious Diseases Hub at stand 4823 in the exhibit hall – drop by to say hello or email our Editor, Martha, at to set up a meeting. If you have any feedback on this site or if you’d just like to find out more, we’d love to meet you!

What is ASM Microbe 2019?

The ASM Microbe conference is the flagship conference for the American Society for Microbiology and is taking place this year in the city of San Francisco. From the science in the thousands of poster presentations and scientific sessions, to the energy in the exhibit hall, microbial scientists from around the world converge at this conference to share and learn from one another.

The ASM Microbe 2019 program certainly doesn’t disappoint with over thousands of abstracts across a broad range of relevant topics, and some fantastic speakers. The program incorporates not only lectures and oral sessions, but also interactive workshops, meet-the-expert sessions and a wide range of symposia.

ASM Microbe registration is still open, including admission to all scientific sessions, a huge industrial exhibition and a congress bag. You can register on the ASM Microbe conference website.


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