ASM Microbe 2019: Day 1 Update


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  1. Synergistic and fungicidal activity of minocycline and rifampin in combination with antifungal drugs against Candida auris​ from Thea Brennan-Krohn (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MA, USA) reports that minocycline plus amphotericin B and rifampin plus amphotericin B demonstrated synergy against 10 C. auris isolates in both checkerboard array and time-kill experiments, while minocycline plus caspofungin was synergistic in checkerboard array but not in time-kill assays. The researchers comment the data suggests the possibility that combination therapy with amphotericin B  plus minocycline or rifampin could be used as a treatment strategy for this emerging pathogen.
  2. Outpatient influenza A cases: an early warning sign for hospital influenza activity from Paige M. Larkin (UCLA, CA, USA) monitored influenza A positive cases in 49 UCLA-affiliated outpatient clinics spanning over 300 square miles of Southern California. Based on the results from over 5000 test results, influenza positive cases increase in the outpatient setting 1 week prior to the ER and inpatient units at both UCLA hospitals the researchers report that, in particular, Santa Monica and Los Angeles/Beverly Hills outpatient areas alone predicted increases in UCLA hospital influenza cases. They comment that the results suggest that outpatient influenza monitoring predicts ER and inpatient influenza, allowing for an earlier preventative infection control response.

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