Could widespread HPV vaccination eliminate cervical cancer?


A meta-analysis including 60 million individuals in high-income countries has discovered significant decreases in HPV infections, anogenital wart diagnoses and precancerous cervical lesions (CIN2+) over the 8–9 years following HPV vaccination.

This study is the first to demonstrated pooled estimates of population-level impact of HPV vaccination on CIN2+ from several countries, the benefit of the vaccination to more than one age group and the herd effects of vaccination in countries with high coverage.

The HPV vaccine was first licensed in 2007 and has since been adopted in 99 countries and territories. A prior version of this meta-analysis was carried out with 4 years of data, identifying decreases in HPV 16 and 18 as well as herd effects for boys and older women. However, the previous analysis did not assess CIN2+ lesions as it was too soon to the vaccine’s introduction, in addition, many more countries have now adopted the vaccine.

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