Expert Panellist: Carolina Coelho


Lecturer in Biosciences, Unviersity of Exeter, UK

Carolina Coelho became interested in microbes and in diseases caused by microbes very early on. She received a scholarship to undertake my graduate studies with Teresa Gonçalves at University of Coimbra, Portugal but spending the majority of my time with Arturo Casadevall at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx (NY, USA). HerPhD tackled the mammalian response to fungal pathogens, in particular a deadly pathogen called Cryptococcus neoformans. During her postdoc at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, (MA, USA) she continued to study this deadly pathogen, but she also studied microbial extracellular vesicles. She has recently established my laboratory, as part of the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology, in the University of Exeter, United Kingdom. In herlaboratory she will study the innate immune response to fungal pathogens. Understanding this fundamental interaction between the immune system and pathogens will provide the basis to engineer better therapies to treat this disease and reduce its death toll.

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