Polio, picornaviruses and publicizing science – an interview with Vincent Racaniello


In this interview we speak to Vincent Racaniello, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University (NY, USA). Vincent has been involved in virology research since 1975, including work on poliovirus and picornaviruses, and is a vocal advocate for science communication around the field.

At the recent ASM Microbe (20– 24 June, San Francisco, CA, USA) meeting we got the chance to speak to Vincent; in the first video we ask Vincent about his research on polioviruses, picornaviruses and therapeutics for these, delving a bit deeper into his years of work in virology.

In the second video, we ask Vincent more about his love for virology, when open science is important and some of the activities he does to encourage science communication. In an increasingly globalized world, with more technologies available to put across your message, Vincent tells us about his blog and his podcasts, which you can find out more about here. Discover more in our interviews below.

Polio and picornaviruses – an interview with Vincent Racaniello

00:09 – Introductions

01:12 – how do you feel about the potential eradication of poliovirus?

02:09 – How have you translated your work on poliovirus into this new field?

03:30 – Why are picornaviruses an area of unmet need?

05:00 – What role does innate immunity play in combating picornavirus infections?

06:00 – Why are there no specific antiviral agents for many of the picornaviruses?

07:30 – Could the poliovirus mechanism of entry to the brain be utilized for drug delivery?

Being vocal about virology – an interview with Vincent Racaniello

00:09 – Introductions

00:59 – Why is it important for scientists to get involved in science communication concerning virology?

03:42 – How could open science be beneficial in virology?

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