Antibiotic-loaded nanomesh developed for drug delivery


Researchers have developed nanomeshes as an effective drug-delivery system for antibiotics.

The meshes are produced by electrospinning, containing fibres of 200nm diameter, colistin and vancomycin and gold nanoparticles. Author, Ingo Köper (Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia) explained: “A high voltage is then applied between the needle connected to the syringe, and the collector plate which causes the polymer solution to form a cone as it leaves the syringe, at which point the electrostatic forces release a jet of liquid.”

“Small charged nanoparticles altered the release of the antibiotics from the nanomesh. The addition of gold nanoparticles likely neutralized charge, causing the antibiotic to migrate toward the center of the fiber, prolonging its release.”

Different nanomeshes were produced each with varying antibiotic release profiles and these were assessed using zone of inhibition assays and drug release studies using UV/vis spectroscopy.

The team assessed the effectiveness of the nanomesh over a 14-day period, demonstrating that the citrate capped gold nanoparticles combines with colistin had the highest sustained release over the time period for a 4mg nanomesh. The results also suggested that this delivery method could allow lower doses o antibiotics, which could diminish side effects and complications.

Köper commented: “Although the dosage is reduced compared to an oral dosage, the concentration of antibiotics delivered to the infection site can still be higher, ensuring the bacteria cannot survive which will reduce instances of resistance.”

This research is a proof-of-concept study, but it suggests the potential for fabricating nanomeshes as a drug release mechanism for antibiotics.

Köper concluded: “Further investigation is needed to determine if other small charged particles affect the release of drugs and how it affects the release over time. As it is a pharmaceutical application, the stability of the mesh under different storage conditions as well as the toxicological properties also need to be evaluated.”

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Sources: Fuller MA, Carey A, Whiley H, Kurimoto R, Ebara M, Köper I. Nanoparticles in an antibiotic-loaded nanomesh for drug delivery. RSC Adv. 9, 30064–30070 (2019);


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