The Glossary for Antimicrobial Resistance


The editorial teams from Infectious Diseases Hub and Future Microbiology are delighted to bring you our inaugural glossary, ‘The Glossary for Antimicrobial Resistance’.

The Infectious Diseases Hub glossary, produced in association with Future Microbiology, hopes to be an essential resource for the field of microbiology and virology, delving into specific topics and providing a comprehensive and clear overview of relevant terms and their definitions.

We have included terms directly related to antimicrobial resistance – it’s development, mechanisms and spread – and terms related to the use, development and stewardship of antimicrobials. However, we have also included terms covering clinical trials, public health, epidemiology and more, highlighting that this issue is bigger than just pure microbiology.

You can pick up a hard copy at our 2020 conferences including, the Microbiology Society Annual Conference (Edinburgh, UK), ECCMID (Paris, France), ASM Microbe (IL, USA) and ID Week (PA, USA)!

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