Coronavirus: facts versus fiction


There has been a lot of media attention on the COVID-19 outbreak, and alongside valuable reporting there have also been myths and false facts spread through social media and other channels. So what is the key facts information about this coronavirus?

Our sister-site, Biotechniques, has taken a look at this virus and asked several of the key questions, including what we know about the virus so far, what precautions you can take to interrupt spread, and what therapeutics are currently being trialed.

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  1. Nina Matthews on

    A superb source of up to date information on the progression of the pandemic. Sadly, here in France many of the citizens just do not understand the danger and do not follow advice. The citizens persist in going out socializing! Added to this there is a lack of masks. In my experience most people do not understand the mechanics of viral infection and often confuse a virus with a bacterium!

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