The economic impact of COVID-19 in Canada: a health economist’s perspective


From individuals to governments, the rapid spread of the coronavirus has significantly impacted people’s lives the world over, while also harnessing destructive potential for global trade and employment. As countries continue to introduce and monitor social restrictions, we are beginning to perceive the impact it is having on the economy, and the evaluation of this impact becomes increasingly important as governing bodies continue to consider their lockdown strategies.

In this analysis, Gabriel Tremblay, Head of Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment at Purple Squirrel Economics (NY, USA), explores the impact and respective costs of potential strategies to face COVID-19 in Canada. The analysis demonstrates that the benefit of a short-term lockdown can outweigh the potential cost of massive contamination. Therefore, introducing social restrictions to ensure a flattening of the contamination curve is crucial for minimizing the potential costs of the pandemic.

Read the full article, ‘The economic impact of COVID-19 in Canada: a health economist’s perspective’, in the PDF linked below.

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Gabriel Tremblay

Gabriel Tremblay is an applied economist specializing in health economic studies and health technology assessments, with a primary focus on cost-effectiveness analysis and comparative effectiveness research for drugs and medical technologies.

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Canada: A Health Economist’s Perspective


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