eBook: The top microbiology and virology articles of 2021


The microbiology and virology fields have been dominated by COVID-19 research again this year; however, important research is still being carried out in other areas of microbiology and virology. This eBook contains the top content published in Future MicrobiologyFuture Virology and BioTechniques this year, from Rift Valley virus and HIV to the sequencing of microbial communities.

Contents include:

  • [BENCHMARK] New cloning vectors to facilitate quick allelic exchange in gram-negative bacteria
  • [SHORT COMMUNICATION] Parvovirus B19 affects thrombopoietin and IL-11 gene expression in human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
  • [EDITORIAL] Emerging role for pharmacogenomics in HIV research in Africa
  • [REPORT] A comparison of DNA/RNA extraction protocols for high-throughput sequencing of microbial communities

And much more!
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