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0 In Focus: Phages

What developments have we seen in recent months into research on phage therapies? What are the potential benefits and pitfalls…

0 In Focus: coronavirus

Discover the latest updates on the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak in the ‘COVID-19 Hub’, powered by Infectious Diseases Hub and…

0 In focus: Tuberculosis

World Tuberculosis Day 2018 (March 24th) is an annual event aiming to raise public awareness around the health, economic and…

0 In focus: The microbiome

Although the microbiome has been implicated in many pathologies, from obesity to Alzheimer’s, in this feature, we take a closer look at the role of the microbiome in infectious diseases. Discover more in our February focus.

0 In focus: Biothreats

In this focus we delve deeper into what defines biothreats, bioterrorism and biodefense in addition to taking a look at policy approach.

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