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Acyldepsipeptide antibiotics as a potential therapeutic agent against Clostridium difficile recurrent infections

The increase of antimicrobial resistance in human pathogens has been a rising problem for public health worldwide in recent decades. This article from Future Microbiology reviews the potential application to treat C. difficile infections of acyldepsipeptides family of antibiotics, its mechanism of action and current developmental stages.

Toward a universal influenza vaccine: a retrospective

Considerable efforts have been made to develop a universal influenza vaccine that provides broad-spectrum protection against diverse influenza strains by eliciting immune responses to conserved domains. Read more in this article from Future Virology.

Vaccines against chikungunya, Zika and other emerging Aedes mosquito-borne viruses: unblocking existing bottlenecks

The emergence of Aedes mosquito-borne viral diseases is a global public health challenge. Since mosquito control programs are not highly efficient for outbreak containment, vaccines are essential to limit disease burden. Read more in this article from Future Virology.

Combating emerging antibiotic resistance: Let’s act now by using available rapid diagnostic tests

Rapid diagnostic tests for detecting emerging antibiotic resistance are mostly available and should be used now state authors Patrice Nordmann and Laurent Poirel (University of Fribourg, Switzerland). This exclusive opinion piece discusses available diagnostics and why we should take action.

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